Celebrating Nigeria 61st Anniversary


It is already 61 years since Nigeria got its independence from the British colony. Nigeria, rich in its heritage, is located in the Western part of Africa. Nigeria is blessed with human and natural resources. Thus, she is opened for to both domestic and foreign trades and investments.

It is a fun fact to note that Nigeria is the only country in the world that has over two hundred and fifty indigenous ethnic groups and over five hundred speaking languages. Also, Nigeria is the second smallest country in landmass amongst the top ten most populated countries in the world.

Nigeria is filled with innovative and creatives, examples can either range from Fintech down to entertainment. Nigerians are well celebrated and are known for their contributions on a global platform.
Loowie Ideas celebrate everyone working to put this country on the global map and wishes Nigeria a happy sixty-first anniversary (Independence Day). In the spirit of our celebration watch out on all our social media pages for discounted sales.

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