We know our men no matter their age love to respected and appreciated. We have fantastic birthday ideas for a husband, boyfriend, fiancé, dad or uncle.

  • Personalized/ Custom birthday cards: Making his birthday memorable with a personalized birthday card sent in an envelope! Add your own photos and write your message and that will put a smile on his face.
  • Cake: Alongside the birthday card, the perfect custom cake that will highlight their personality and a memory they will never forget!
  • Perfumes: Men adore perfumes as it helps them to show individuality. Men love their signature fragrances that they always wear. Gifting him best male fragrance on his birthday is one sure great deal. Check out our online store for range of masculine perfume at a budget that suits you.
  • Photo frame: Unwrapping a photo frame will definitely put a smile on his face and gladden his heart. Let us help you frame his favourite pictures on any frame canvas of your choice.

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